About Patrick Siegler-Lathrop

Political commentary and insight from a European-American businessman.

Patrick Siegler Lathrop

I am a American/French investment banker, entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, professor, author living in Portugal, with experience in finance, entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, NGOs and teaching. After a 15-year career in international investment banking, I owned and ran an industrial company for 15 years, launched a number of businesses, then served as a consultant and senior advisor to companies, both start-ups and mature companies. I have also taught entrepreneurship at INSEAD and Paris Dauphine University. I have been involved throughout my career in NGOs.

Since moving to Portugal in 2008, I have been active as advisor to entrepreneurs in start-up and early phase development companies with global ambition and have with experienced partners recently launched or promoted a number of new projects in real estate, trading, golf, virtual events and artistic exhibitions. I was a founder and 30-year Board member of Action Contre la Faim, a major NGO operating in more than 40 countries, was until 2016 chair of Democrats Abroad Portugal and since my election as President of the American Club of Lisbon in March, 2018, have had a great time actively revitalizing this 70+ year-old prestigious business and networking organization in Lisbon ‚Äúpromoting goodwill and understanding between people and cultures”. I have also recently published “RENDEZ-VOUS WITH AMERICA, An Explanation of the US Election System”, a book in Portuguese and English which explains in simple, non-partisan terms the complicated US Presidential and Congressional election systems.