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    Biden & Modi

    The US focus on its rivalry with China served as a backdrop to the warm…

    US/China, Reboot?

    One of the few things Democrats recognize as a positive contribution…
    The door to China
    The Rendez-Vous with America Book
    Origins of the Electoral College

    A detailed explanation leading up to and commenting on the results of the US Midterm Election of November 2022

    US Politics Explained
    The two party system

    Having written a book describing the US Election System, I comment regularly on US election subjects.

    No Winner?

    As a longtime European-American observer of the US, I have opinions on multiple subjects with a unique “from within” as well as “from without” perspective.

    The US Senate

    I also like to comment on multiple subjects: political, economic, societal, cultural, linked to current events or just to subjects I’m interested in.